New Product, Who Dis?!

After three glorious yet challenging years of operating Free Birds Vegan Bakery, I've decided to switch it up! Honestly, I'm a nervous wreck about the changes I've made, but I'm hoping you'll find them as beneficial as I do! My fingers (and toes) are crossed!

For those of you that don't know, I recently returned from Africa where I realized there were better ways to run my business instead of letting it run me! The trip sort of forced me to see myself and make some hard decisions about my future.

How many more nights did I want to get literally only two hours of rest?

How much more guilt did I want to feel for not spending time with my son?

Lastly, how could I possibly grow my business if I was the only one that knew how to operate it?!

I was trapped and didn't even know it! Smh.

So here I am - simplifying and reducing like a maniac and it feels so good! I can now ship 95% of my treats anywhere in the U.S. with our new dessert jars! That makes me really happy! :) Not only am I living out my company mission, but I am increasing our opportunities for growth exponentially!

I could be trippin', but I'm pretty sure this is what being a 'Free Bird' really means! Maximizing your efficiency and utilizing all of your resources to create more time for the things you love to do! Am I right?

I hope you guys can appreciate this shift. One day Free Birds will be an international company. This is step number one of many...

Till next time!

Brittany Love

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